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They are just too powerful – but are they? (In memory of all those we lost in road accidents)

Mridul Chowdhury

Published in BDnews24 on 17 August 2011.

This piece calls to bring into account the vested interests that defend the status quo in our transport sector.

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Losing the plot with Meherjaan

Asif Saleh.

Published in BDnews24 on 30 January 2010.

This piece calls for a nuanced debate, and not, censorship about the controversial film Meherjaan.

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Bollywood Badshah and Bangladeshi Loyalists: 39 Years of Freedom and Schizophrenia

Shahana Siddiqui.

Published in the Forum on 3 January 2011.

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Pride and (extreme) prejudice

Naeem Mohaiemen.

Published in the Daily Star on 15 December 2010.

This piece dissects the recent controversy affecting Dr Yunus.

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Picking Through the Wreckage

Jyoti Rahman

Published in the Daily Star Forum, April 2009.

This piece surveys the Pilkhana aftermath.

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Chronicle of Tragedy and the Pendulum of Sentiment

Syeed Ahamed

Published in the Daily Star Forum, April 2009.

This piece puts together the definitive Pilkhana time-line based on eye-witness accounts.

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Justice with due process

Asif Saleh and Jalal Alamgir

Published in the Daily Star on 9 Mar 2009.

NEVER did we think that we would be haunted with mass graves in independent Bangladesh. Never did we think that we would have to unearth mutilated, bayonet-torn dead bodies. And yet, today, we are assaulted once again by mass graves and the cold-blooded murder of our army officers, their families, and civilians.

We mourn our loss. We offer prayers in solidarity with the families and their loved ones. And in no uncertain terms, we want the killers responsible to be brought to justice.

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